Unveiling American No# 1 the Dazzling Hummer Car Price in India

If there’s one name that echoes power, robustness, and sheer dominance on the roads, it’s Hummer. The iconic American brand has been synonymous with military-grade strength and off-road prowess. It continues to make a bold statement in the Indian automotive market. In this blog post, let’s delve into the captivating world of Hummer and explore Hummer car price in India.

Introduction to Hummer: Where Power Meets Prestige

A Legacy of Strength:

The Hummer, born out of military roots, has evolved into a symbol of automotive prowess. Its distinctive design and unparalleled capabilities have made it a statement vehicle for those who seek a blend of power and prestige on the roads and Hummer car price in India.

The Hummer EV: An Electric Revolution:

Recently, Hummer has embraced the electric revolution by introducing the Hummer EV. This electric variant retains the muscular design language of its predecessors while ushering in a new era of eco-friendly performance with Hummer car price in India.

Decoding the Structure of Hummer Car Price in India

Variants Overview:

The Hummer lineup caters to diverse preferences, offering different variants with unique features. The variants often include the Hummer EV2, EV2X, and EV3X. Each variant represents a step up in terms of capabilities, features, and Hummer car price in India.

Hummer car price in india
Hummer car price in india

Pricing Dynamics:

The Hummer car price in India is influenced by various factors, including the variant’s specifications, advanced features, and the groundbreaking technology under the hood. Let’s explore the approximate Hummer car price in India to give you a comprehensive view:

Variants & Pricing

Hummer EV SUV EV2₹ 66.53 Lakh
Hummer EV SUV EV2X₹ 82.21 Lakh
Hummer EV SUV Edition 1₹ 87.83 Lakh
Hummer EV SUV EV3X₹ 88.95 Lakh

Hummer EV2: Positioned as the entry-level variant, the EV2 offers a compelling blend of electric performance and Hummer’s legendary toughness. The pricing is crafted to make the Hummer experience accessible to a broader audience while delivering the brand’s essence.

Hummer EV2X: Stepping up, the EV2X variant introduces additional features and capabilities. With an emphasis on both on- and off-road performance, the EV2X caters to those seeking a more enhanced driving experience, reflecting its Hummer car price in India.

Hummer EV3X: At the top of the range, the EV3X manifests Hummer’s uncompromising commitment to excellence. Packed with advanced technology, premium features, and top-tier performance, the EV3X represents the pinnacle of the Hummer lineup, commanding a premium Hummer car price in India.

Additional Features that Define the Hummer Experience

All-Terrain Capability:

One of the defining features of any Hummer is its ability to conquer various terrains effortlessly, whether rocky off-road trails or smooth city streets. Hummer’s suspension and drivetrain systems are engineered to provide a superior driving experience and Hummer car price in India.

Mileage, Power, and Top Speed

Engine TypePermanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Max Power830 hp
Max Torque11,500 lb-ft
Range505 km
Top Speed180 kmp/h
0-100 km/h3.6 seconds
Fuel TypeElectric

Cutting-edge Technology:

The Hummer EV, being an electric vehicle, comes with state-of-the-art technology. From advanced driver-assistance features to a high-tech infotainment system, the Hummer ensures its occupants experience the pinnacle of automotive innovation with Hummer car price in India.

Transmission, Battery, and Charging

Battery TypeLiquid-Cooled Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery Capacity170 kWh
Charging Power19.2 kW
Fast ChargingYes
Fast Charging Power300 kW
Emission TypeZEV
TransmissionDirect Drive Transmission
Drive Type4-Wheel Drive with Torque Vectoring

Distinctive Design Language:

Hummer’s design has always been bold and unmistakable, and the lineup is no exception. The signature grille, powerful stance, and attention-grabbing details contribute to the Hummer’s commanding road presence.

Exterior Features

HeadlightsIntellibeam LED Headlights
Tail LightsLED
Fog LightsLED
Turn IndicatorsLED
Daytime Running LightsExpressive LED Lights
Outside Rear View MirrorPower Adjustable & Power Folding
Front WiperAutomatic
Rear WiperYes
SunroofInfinity Roof
Roof RailsNo

Hummer On-road Price in India: Beyond the Showroom Tag

On-road Price Dynamics:

When considering the Hummer car price in India, it’s crucial to account for the on-road price. This includes the ex-showroom price, road tax, insurance, and other charges. The on-road price provides a holistic understanding of the total cost of ownership, ensuring transparency for prospective buyers.

Exclusivity and Customization:

Hummer, known for its exclusivity, often offers customization options for buyers to tailor their vehicles according to personal preferences. While these customizations may add to the overall cost, they contribute to each Hummer’s unique and personalized nature on the road with Hummer car price in India.

Interior Features

Seat TypeLeather-Stitched Seats
Adjustable Driver SeatPower Adjustable
Adjustable Front Passenger SeatPower Adjustable
Adjustable HeadrestYes
Heated SeatsYes
Power WindowsYes
Air ConditionerYes
Automatic Climate ControlDual-Zone Automatic Climate Control
Infotainment System13.4-Inch Touchscreen Display
Audio SystemBose 14-Speaker Audio System
ConnectivityAndroid Auto, Apple CarPlay, WiFi
Keyless EntryYes
Push Button Start/StopYes
Cruise ControlAdaptive Cruise Control
Driving ModesYes
Power Trunk OpenerYes

Hummer Community: Uniting Power Enthusiasts Worldwide

Online Hummer Enthusiast Forums:

Being part of online forums dedicated to Hummer enthusiasts provides a unique insight into the experiences and adventures of Hummer owners worldwide. These forums serve as a virtual community where members share tips on off-road excursions, discuss the latest upgrades, and offer solutions to common challenges. The camaraderie among Hummer enthusiasts creates a sense of belonging. It adds an extra layer of value to the ownership experience.

Hummer car price in india
Hummer car price in india

Hummer Lifestyle and Adventures:

Hummer ownership is not just about driving; it’s a lifestyle. Enthusiasts often share their extraordinary journeys, from conquering challenging terrains to participating in exclusive Hummer events. These stories provide a glimpse into the diverse and thrilling experiences of owning a Hummer, fostering a sense of pride and camaraderie among owners.

Weight, Capacity, and Dimensions

Length5,250 mm
Width1,976 mm
Height2,380 mm
Wheelbase3,218 mm
Ground Clearance305-406 mm
Kerb Weight3,928 kg
Boot Space1,017 litres
Seating Capacity5 Person
No. of Doors5 Doors
Front Head Room1,079 mm
Rear Head Room975 mm
Front Shoulder Room1,623 mm
Rear Shoulder Room1,626 mm
Front Leg Room1,158 mm
Rear Leg Room991 mm

Real-world Hummer Experiences: Beyond the Spec Sheet

Off-road Dominance:

The Hummer’s reputation for off-road dominance is not just a marketing claim; it’s a reality experienced by owners. Whether navigating rocky trails, crossing desert expanses, or fording streams, the Hummer’s off-road capabilities are a testament to its engineering excellence. Real-world stories of off-road adventures showcase the vehicle’s durability, traction control, and ground clearance.

Steering & Chasis

ChassisSteel Chassis
Body TypeSUV
Steering TypeElectric Power Assisted Steering
Steering ColumnTilt and Telescopic
Turning Radius5.4 meter
SuspensionIndependent Control Arm Suspension

Urban Grandeur:

While Hummers are renowned for their off-road prowess, they also make a statement in urban landscapes. Owners often share how the Hummer’s imposing presence turns heads on city streets. The combination of its distinctive design and silent electric powertrain in the EV variant creates a unique urban grandeur that distinguishes the Hummer from conventional vehicles with Hummer car price in India.

Hummer Resale Value: Balancing Power and Investment

Long-term Resilience:

The Hummer’s robust build and enduring design contribute to its long-term resilience, positively impacting its resale value. Owners who decide to part ways with their Hummer often find that its iconic status and lasting appeal translate into strong demand in the pre-owned market.

Hummer car price in india
Hummer car price in india

Maintenance and Service Excellence:

Maintaining the Hummer’s high resale value involves regular service checks and adherence to maintenance schedules. Authorized Hummer service centers play a crucial role in ensuring that the vehicle remains in optimal condition throughout its ownership, adding to its appeal in the used car market.

Tyres, Brakes, and Wheels

Brake TypeDisc Brakes
Wheel TypeAluminum Wheels
Wheel Size22-inch
Tubeless TyresYes
Tyre SizeLT305/55R-22 122/119S M+S TPC Spec 2398

Future Visions: Electric Evolution and Beyond

Advancements in Battery Technology:

As electric vehicle technology advances, discussions within the Hummer community often revolve around potential upgrades in battery technology. Enthusiasts anticipate improvements in range, charging speed, and overall battery performance, enhancing the Hummer EV’s appeal.

Hummer’s Role in Sustainable Driving:

The Hummer EV represents a significant shift towards sustainable driving. Owners often engage in discussions about the environmental impact of their vehicles and how Hummer’s transition to electric power aligns with the global push for greener transportation.

Safety Features

NCAP Ratingfive-star safety rating
No. of Air Bags6
Brake AssistYes
Anti-Lock Braking SystemYes
Traction Control SystemYes
Electronic Stability ControlYes
Electronic Brake Force DistributionYes
Tyre Pressure Monitor SystemYes
Hill Start AssistYes
Hill Descent ControlYes
Parking AssistFront and Rear Park Assist
Parking SensorsYes
Parking CameraYes
Central LockingYes
Child Safety Door LocksYes
Seat Belt AlarmYes
Engine ImmobilizerYes
Anti-Theft AlarmYes
Hummer car price in india
Hummer car price in india

In Conclusion: Hummer in India — More Than a Vehicle, It’s a Lifestyle

In conclusion, the Hummer car price in India is not merely a transaction; it’s an entry into a lifestyle marked by power, innovation, and a sense of community. Whether navigating off-road trails, cruising through cityscapes, or engaging with fellow Hummer enthusiasts online, owning a Hummer is an immersive experience beyond the initial purchase.

As you explore the Hummer car price in India details and contemplate joining the ranks of Hummer enthusiasts, remember that you’re investing in more than just a vehicle. The Hummer, with its legacy of strength and its evolution into electric power, symbolizes a lifestyle that embraces power and sustainability. It’s not just a car; it’s a statement, a community, and a journey into the future of driving—one where power meets innovation and the road becomes a canvas for unparalleled adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hummer Car Price in India

How does the Hummer EV’s range impact its pricing?

The Hummer EV’s range, referring to the distance it can travel on a single charge, can influence its Hummer car price in India. Variants with extended ranges or additional performance features may have a higher price tag.

Variants & Pricing
Hummer EV SUV EV2
₹ 66.53 Lakh
Hummer EV SUV EV2X
₹ 82.21 Lakh
Hummer EV SUV Edition 1
₹ 87.83 Lakh
Hummer EV SUV EV3X
₹ 88.95 Lakh

Are there government incentives for electric vehicles that affect Hummer car price in India?

Some regions have government incentives or subsidies for electric vehicles aimed at promoting eco-friendly transportation. These incentives can impact the effective price of the Hummer EV, making it more attractive to buyers.

What is the charging infrastructure like for the Hummer EV in India?

The charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, including the Hummer EV, is gradually expanding in India. Hummer owners may rely on a mix of home charging solutions and public charging stations to keep their vehicles powered.

Can I expect any updates or new variants in the Hummer lineup?

Automakers often introduce updates or new variants to keep their lineup fresh. Keeping an eye on official announcements from Hummer or authorized dealerships can provide insights into upcoming releases or enhancements.

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