Unveiling Swift Petrol Tank Capacity: Empowering Your Travels

In the world of cars, it’s not just about the engine power or the sleek design; it’s also about how far that fuel tank can take you. The Maruti Suzuki Swift, synonymous with style and performance, offers a petrol variant that’s a favorite among Indian drivers. This blog post takes you on a journey to uncover the details of the Swift Petrol Tank Capacity in India, shedding light on how this popular hatchback ensures you can confidently hit the road.

One of the critical considerations for any vehicle owner is the petrol tank capacity, as it directly impacts the range and convenience of their journeys. This article delves into Swift’s petrol tank capacity, highlighting its importance for city driving and road trips.

The Role of Swift Petrol Tank Capacity

Tank capacity isn’t just a mundane specification; it’s a crucial factor directly impacting your driving experience. The Swift petrol’s tank capacity is akin to the vessel that carries you on your journeys, determining the distance you can cover before refueling. This simple yet vital feature underscores Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to providing an agile and practical vehicle.

PriceRs 5.99 – 9.03 Lakhs
Fuel TypePetrol
Fuel Tank Capacity37 Liters
Engine1197 cc
Milage22.50 Km/L
Max power83.73 Bhp
Max Torque113 Nm
Boot Space268 Liters

Understanding Tank Capacity: 

Beyond the numbers, tank capacity is about understanding the harmony between power and efficiency. The Swift petrol tank capacity reflects Maruti Suzuki’s engineering prowess, striking a balance that empowers drivers to explore without constant concern about fuel levels. This careful calibration ensures that your driving experience remains smooth and uninterrupted.

Optimizing for Different Drives: 

swift petrol tank capacity
swift petrol tank capacity

The Swift petrol’s versatility isn’t confined to its design and performance; it also extends to its tank capacity. Whether you’re navigating the bustling city streets or embarking on an open highway adventure, the Swift petrol’s tank capacity is calibrated to cater to different driving scenarios. This adaptability adds a layer of convenience to your daily commutes and long-distance journeys alike.

Efficiency and Range: 

Swift Petrol Tank Capacity isn’t just about the quantity of fuel; it’s also about the mileage you can achieve. The Swift petrol efficient engine is critical in ensuring that every drop of fuel takes you further, allowing you to explore without frequent pit stops.

Practicality for Everyday Use: 

swift petrol tank capacity
swift petrol tank capacity

The Swift petrol tank capacity isn’t just about long journeys; it’s about making your daily drives hassle-free. A well-designed tank capacity means fewer visits to the fuel station, allowing you to focus on the road and your destination.

Planning for Your Adventures:

 Whether planning a road trip or simply commuting to work, knowing the Swift petrol tank capacity empowers you to plan your journeys more effectively. It’s a simple yet essential detail contributing to a smoother driving experience.

Real-World Application: 

While numbers are informative, real-world experiences speak volumes. Learn from fellow Swift petrol drivers as they share insights into their journeys, how they manage their tank capacity, and the convenience it adds to their daily lives.

Traveling with Confidence: 

swift petrol tank capacity
swift petrol tank capacity

The Swift petrol tank capacity isn’t just a specification; it’s vital to travel confidently. As you step into your Swift, knowing you have a substantial tank capacity underlines your readiness for any journey. Whether a spontaneous road trip or a well-planned adventure, you can hit the road knowing that your vehicle is equipped to handle the miles ahead.


As we wrap up our exploration of the Swift petrol tank capacity in India, it’s evident that this hatchback isn’t just about aesthetics and performance; it’s also about practicality and convenience. Maruti Suzuki’s attention to tank capacity ensures that every journey in the Swift petrol blends efficiency and confidence. So, the next time you’re behind the wheel of a Swift, remember that its tank capacity isn’t just a number; it’s a promise of a driving experience that’s exciting and equipped for the long haul.


What is the Swift fuel tank capacity of the petrol variant? 

The fuel tank capacity of the Swift petrol variant is approximately 37 liters. This means you can store around 37 liters of petrol in the tank when it’s empty.

How long can I travel on a full petrol tank in the Swift? 

The distance you can travel on a full petrol tank depends on factors like driving conditions, terrain, and driving habits. On average, the Swift’s petrol version can cover 400 to 450 kilometers before refueling.

Is the fuel tank capacity the same for all variants of the Swift petrol model? 

The fuel tank capacity remains consistent across different variants of the Swift petrol model. Regardless of the variant, you can expect a tank capacity of approximately 37 liters.

Can I get better mileage by filling Swift’s fuel tank with premium petrol? 

The premium petrol might have certain benefits, driving habits, maintenance, and other factors that primarily influence the Swift’s mileage. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s fuel type and maintenance guidelines to ensure optimal performance.

How does the Swift’s fuel tank capacity compare to other cars in its segment? 

Swift’s fuel tank capacity is generally in line with similar-sized hatchbacks in its segment. It’s designed to offer a good balance between driving range and compactness.

What should I keep in mind while filling the fuel tank of my Swift? 

Every time use the recommended fuel type and avoid overfilling the tank. Stop filling once the nozzle shuts off to prevent fuel spillage and ensure proper ventilation.

How accurate is the fuel gauge in indicating the fuel level?

The fuel gauge in the Swift is a reliable indicator of the fuel level. However, refilling the tank before it reaches critically low levels is a good practice to prevent any inconvenience.

Does the fuel tank capacity change if I install aftermarket accessories or modifications? 

Fuel tank capacity remains the same even with aftermarket accessories or modifications.However, it’s crucial to make sure that any modifications don’t interfere with the fuel system’s correct operation.

Can I transport a reserved gasoline bottle in case my tank runs dry?  

While carrying a small reserve container of petrol is possible, be cautious and follow safety guidelines. Ensure the container is secure, well-sealed, and placed in a well-ventilated area, away from heat sources.

How can I maximize my driving range on a single petrol tank in the Swift? 

To extend your driving range, adopt fuel-efficient driving habits, maintain proper tire pressure, and keep up with regular vehicle maintenance. Smooth acceleration, steady speed, and minimal use of air conditioning can help improve fuel efficiency.

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