Understanding the Thrilling i10 Car Tire Size: Rolling with Confidence:

When owning a car, understanding the details contributing to its performance and safety is essential. One such critical component is the car’s tyres. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Hyundai i10 car tire size in India, deciphering the significance of the correct tyre dimensions, how they impact your driving experience, and why choosing the right size is crucial for your i10’s performance, safety, and comfort.

The Basics: 

Hyundai i10 car tire size The Hyundai i10 has various tyre size options depending on the model and version.However, 155/80 R13 is one of the most popular and extensively utilized tire sizes for the i10 in India. Let’s now examine these figures in more detail to see what they mean:

155: This figure denotes the width of the tyre in millimetres. In this context, it measures 155 millimetres.

80: The aspect ratio, expressed as a percentage, indicates the height of the tyre’s sidewall concerning its width. Here, the sidewall height is 80% of the tyre’s width.

R: This letter signifies that the tyre has a radial construction.

13: The number represents the diameter of the wheel rim in inches. Hence, the tyre is designed to fit a 13-inch wheel.

i10 car tire size
i10 car tire size

I10 car tire size varients

The Hyundai i10, like many cars, may have different variants with slightly varying tyre sizes. Here are some common i10 car tire size variants:

  • Hyundai i10 Era: 155/80 R13
  • Hyundai i10 Magna: 155/80 R13
  • Hyundai i10 Sportz: 155/80 R13
  • Hyundai i10 Grand Nios: 165/70 R14
  • Hyundai i10 Nios Sportz: 175/60 R15

Why the Right Tyre Size Matters 

Having the correct tyre size for your i10 car tire size is far from a trivial matter. It holds substantial importance for several key reasons:

  • Safety: The right tyre size ensures the proper rubber meets the road. This translates to optimal grip, control, and stability, especially during critical situations like emergency braking or sharp turns.
  • Comfort: Properly sized tyres contribute significantly to a smoother and more comfortable ride. They absorb shocks and reduce vibrations, leading to a quieter cabin and a more enjoyable journey.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Tyre size can affect your car’s fuel consumption. The right size helps maintain optimal fuel efficiency, potentially saving you money on gas.
  • Handling: Tyre size is crucial to your car’s overall handling and stability. It can impact how your vehicle responds to steering inputs, ensuring a safer and more predictable driving experience.
  • Tyre Longevity: Using the correct tyre size can extend the lifespan of your tyres. It promotes even wear and tear, preventing premature replacements and saving you money in the long run.

Where to Find the Right Size 

i10 car tire size
i10 car tire size

It’s not difficult to determine the proper tire size for youri10 car tire size. Typically, this data may be found in one of the areas listed below:

  • Your car’s owner’s manual.
  • A label inside the driver’s door frame.
  • On the sidewall of your current tyres, the size is imprinted in a format similar to “155/80 R13.”

Choosing the Right Tyres 

When replacing your i10 car tire size, it’s essential to consider factors beyond size. Your choice should be influenced by elements such as your driving style, the sorts of routes you often use, and the current weather. Consult a trustworthy tire merchant or technician who can offer professional guidance and assist you in choosing the ideal tires for your needs.

i10 car tire size
i10 car tire size


Understanding and ensuring the correct tyre size for your i10 car tire size is a small yet pivotal aspect of responsible car ownership. It has far-reaching implications, impacting your safety, comfort, fuel efficiency, handling, and overall driving experience. By ensuring you have the correct i10 car tire size, you’re taking proactive steps toward a safer and more enjoyable journey in your beloved i10, affirming your commitment to responsible car maintenance.


What is the Hyundai i10 car tyre size for most models in India?

The most common tyre size for the Hyundai i10 in India is 155/80 R13. This size balances grip, comfort, and efficiency for this popular hatchback.

Can I change my Hyundai i10’s tyre size to improve performance or aesthetics?

While you can change your i10’s tyre size, consulting with a qualified tyre professional or your car’s manufacturer is essential. Changing the tyre size can affect performance, handling, and safety, so it should be done carefully.

How do I find the right tyre size for my Hyundai i10?

The proper tire size may often be found on the sidewall of your present tires, on a sticker inside the driver’s door frame, or in the owner’s handbook for your vehicle. Consult your Hyundai dealership or a tyre specialist if you still need to decide.

What happens if I use the wrong tyre size for my Hyundai i10?

Using the incorrect tyre size can impact your car’s performance, safety, and comfort. It may lead to reduced grip, altered handling, and potential issues with your car’s suspension system.Always use the suggested tire size from the manufacturer.

Can I use larger tyres to enhance the aesthetics of my Hyundai i10?

While larger tyres may change your car’s appearance, they can also affect its performance and fuel efficiency. If you’re considering upsizing, consult a tyre expert to ensure it won’t compromise safety or handling.

Are there specific tyre brands recommended for the Hyundai i10?

Hyundai doesn’t typically recommend specific tyre brands, but they may suggest certain tyre sizes and types suitable for your car. Always choose reputable tyre brands known for quality and safety.

How often should I replace the tyres on my Hyundai i10?

Tyre replacement frequency depends on various factors, including driving habits and road conditions. However, tyres are usually replaced every 40,000 to 60,000 kilometres or when they show excessive wear.

Can I mix different tyre sizes on my Hyundai i10?

Mixing different tyre sizes on the same car is generally not advisable, as it can affect handling and safety. Always use a consistent set of tyres with the recommended size and specifications.

What is the recommended pressure for my Hyundai i10 with the 155/80 R13 tyre size?

The recommended tyre pressure can vary depending on load and driving conditions. However, the recommended pressure for the 155/80 R13 size might be around 30 to 32 PSI (pounds per square inch) for the front and rear tyres. Consult your owner’s manual or the tyre placard on your car for precise recommendations.

How can I extend the lifespan of my Hyundai i10’s tyres?

To prolong your tyres’ lifespan, maintain proper inflation, rotate them regularly, and ensure your car’s suspension and alignment are in good condition. Avoid harsh braking and acceleration, and drive carefully to reduce wear and tear.

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