Sophisticated Ford Figo 2016 Ground Clearance in India :Elevate Your Drive

Ground clearance is more than only an engineering concern on India’s dynamic roads; it’s actually a practical one that may have a major impact on how you drive. The Ford Figo is popular among Indian automobile individuals due to its outstanding performance and modern styling. The following blog post will look at the Ford Figo 2016 ground clearance in India and provide insights into how it navigates the various terrains of the country as a whole.

The 2016 Ford Figo: A Blend of Style and Performance

Let’s take some time to take in the key features of the 2016 Ford Figo before analyzing the technical details of the ground clearance.

The 2016 Ford Figo was more than just a vehicle; it was an expression of Ford’s commitment to producing cars with an equal mix of elegance, performance, and practicality. It was an opponent in its category due to its hitting appearance, modern technology, and powerful engine options. The Ford Figo 2016 ground clearance was designed to enhance the driving experience, whether it be for short journeys or long ones.

Ford Figo 2016 Ground Clearance: Navigating India’s Varied Terrain

ford figo 2016 ground clearance
ford figo 2016 ground clearance

Now, let’s delve into the much-anticipated detail: the Ford Figo 2016 ground clearance in India.

2016 Ford Figo boasted a ground clearance of approximately 174mm. This measurement was crucial in determining how well the car could navigate through different types of roads and terrains in India.

Factors Influencing Ground Clearance:

Several factors contributed to the Ford Figo 2016 ground clearance:

  • Suspension System: The Ford Figo of 2016 was equipped with a well-engineered suspension system designed to absorb shocks and impacts, ensuring that the car’s undercarriage had adequate clearance from the ground.
  • Tire Size: The size and profile of the tires played a role in determining how high the car’s chassis sat from the ground. The Ford Figo’s tire dimensions were optimized to balance performance and ground clearance.
  • Design of Underbody Components: The layout and design of various underbody components, such as the exhaust system and fuel tank, were carefully considered to ensure that they did not impede the car’s ground clearance.
  • Approach, Departure, and Breakover Angles: These angles refer to the steepest inclines or declines the car can navigate without its body making contact with the ground. The Ford Figo’s engineering considered these angles, further enhancing its practicality on diverse terrains.
ford figo 2016 ground clearance
ford figo 2016 ground clearance

Impact on Driving Experience:

The Ford Figo 2016 ground clearance was a significant factor in determining its real-world usability. Here’s how it impacted the driving experience:

Handling Rough Roads: India’s roads, from uneven surfaces to gravel paths, can be unpredictable. The Ford Figo 2016 ground clearance allowed it to take such conditions easily, providing passengers with a comfortable ride.

Off-Road Capability: While the Ford Figo wasn’t designed as an off-road vehicle, its Ford Figo 2016 ground clearance allowed its versatility to handle mild off-road excursions, such as unpaved trails and rural roads.

ford figo 2016 ground clearance
ford figo 2016 ground clearance

Urban Challenges: In India’s bustling cities, urban driving has unique challenges. Speed breakers, potholes, and uneven road surfaces are common occurrences. The Ford Figo 2016 ground clearance was instrumental in ensuring that daily urban commutes remained hassle-free. It meant drivers could confidently navigate over speed breakers without worrying about the car’s undercarriage scraping against them. Similarly, uneven road surfaces or sudden drops were less likely to cause damage to the vehicle.

Rural and Semi-Urban Roads: India’s road network extends beyond cities, encompassing rural and semi-urban areas with varying road conditions. These regions often feature unpaved or uneven roads and sometimes even dirt trails. The Ford Figo 2016 ground clearance was a valuable asset in these scenarios. It allowed the vehicle to traverse rough terrain without getting stuck or encountering difficulties. This versatility made it an attractive choice for families living in or frequently visiting such areas.

Monsoons and Flooding: India experiences annual monsoons, which can lead to waterlogging and flooding on roads. A car with higher ground clearance, like the Ford Figo, had an advantage in these conditions. It could wade through waterlogged streets without risking damage to its critical components. This was a convenience and a safety feature, as it reduced the chances of water entering the engine or causing electrical issues.

ford figo 2016 ground clearance
ford figo 2016 ground clearance

Comfort and Ride Quality: Ground clearance also directly impacted the comfort and ride quality of both the driver and passengers. A car with adequate support could better absorb bumps and shocks from the road, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride. This was particularly appreciated during longer journeys when passenger comfort became paramount.

Load Carrying Capability: The Ford Figo was often used for various purposes, including family trips and sometimes even light commercial use. Its ground clearance was a practical advantage when carrying additional loads, such as luggage or goods. The extra clearance helped maintain a balanced ride and prevented the undercarriage from scraping when fully loaded.

Peace of Mind: One of the most significant benefits of having a car with good ground clearance was the peace of mind it offered to drivers. Knowing that the vehicle could handle various road conditions instilled confidence, whether on a solo or family trip.

Conclusion: Grounded in Practicality

The Ford Figo 2016 ground clearance wasn’t just a technical specification but a testament to Ford’s commitment to delivering vehicles that could seamlessly navigate India’s diverse terrains. It ensured that whether you were cruising through city streets, tackling rough roads, or venturing off the beaten path, the Ford Figo was up to the task.

Owners of the 2016 Ford Figo were nearly certain that their car passed every one of the standards of Indian roads due to the car’s superior ground clearance. It was a reminder that each aspect of the car—from the suspension system to the size of the tires—was carefully designed to provide a comfortable ride and driving pleasure based on performance and efficiency.

As it graced Indian roads, the Ford Figo 2016 ground clearance left an indelible mark as a car and a reliable companion engineered to elevate every journey, regardless of the terrain. It was a vehicle that understood the diverse landscape of India and was designed to thrive in it, a true reflection of Ford’s dedication to delivering cars that were built for the real world.


What is the ground clearance of the 2016 Ford Figo in India?

The ground clearance of the 2016 Ford Figo in India is approximately 174 mm (millimeters). This measurement is an essential factor to consider when driving on Indian roads, which can vary in quality and surface.

Why is ground clearance necessary for a car in India?

Ground clearance is crucial in India due to the diverse road conditions. It helps the car navigate uneven surfaces, speed breakers, potholes, and rural roads more comfortably. A vehicle with good ground clearance will likely avoid getting stuck or damaged on rough terrain.

How does the ground clearance of the 2016 Ford Figo compare to other cars in its segment?

In 2016, the Ford Figo’s ground clearance was competitive with other hatchbacks in its segment. It provided a balance between city driving and occasional rough road usage. However, ground clearance can vary among different car models.

Can I increase the ground clearance of my 2016 Ford Figo if needed?

Modifying the ground clearance of a car should be done carefully and within legal limits. Some car owners opt for aftermarket suspension modifications or use taller tires to increase ground clearance. To ensure safety and accordance to regulations, it makes sense to have conversations with experts.

Are there any disadvantages to having a higher ground clearance?

While higher ground clearance can be advantageous on rough terrain, it may affect the car’s stability at higher speeds. It can also result in a higher center of gravity, potentially impacting handling and fuel efficiency. Therefore, the ideal ground clearance depends on your driving needs.

Does the 2016 Ford Figo offer good stability despite its ground clearance?

The 2016 Ford Figo was designed to offer good stability and handling characteristics while providing a comfortable ground clearance suitable for Indian road conditions. It strikes a balance between strength and practicality.

How can I maintain the ground clearance of my 2016 Ford Figo?

To maintain the ground clearance of your 2016 Ford Figo, regularly inspect the suspension components, keep the tires properly inflated, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for servicing and maintenance. Proper maintenance helps ensure that the car’s suspension system functions optimally.

Are there any precautions I should take when driving a car with moderate ground clearance in India?

When driving a car with moderate ground clearance in India, it’s advisable to:
Approach speed breakers and potholes cautiously.
Pay focus to the current condition of the roads and change your driving style as needed. Keep a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead to allow sudden braking on uneven roads.

Has the ground clearance of the 2016 Ford Figo changed in recent models?

Ground clearance can vary among different car models and their generations. It’s recommended to check the specifications of the specific Ford Figo model you’re interested in, as newer versions may have different ground clearances.

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